GapStick+_find lost items in car hard to reach items in car

The Gap Stick+ reaches where hands and vacuums can’t with magnetic tip.

The Gap Stick+ reaches where hands and vacuums can’t. It’s a versatile tool that cleans those frustrating gaps between the seat and center console in your car. Stop fiddling with pencils or hangers to reach those crumbs, coins, pen caps, etc. start using the Gap Stick+.  Stores easily in most glove boxes or door slots (or store horizontally in the “gap”).

The embedded magnetic tip picks up earrings, sunglasses and Canadian coins.

• At 17” in length, it comfortably retrieves items in any type of car
• Sturdy, stiff material (pp & fiberglass) won’t bend or break when dislodging items


17” W x 1 5/16” H x 9/16” D

Imprint Area
1 13/32” W x 1” H, per side.

Gap Stick Plus and Gap Stick pricing image