CPSIA Letter

One29 Promo Statement Regarding the CPSIA

CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) regulated by CPSC ( Consumer Product Safety Commission) monitors hazardous materials found in products primarily intended for children 12-years old or younger.

  • CPSIA requires that products be safety tested by an independent-accredited lab specifically for lead, phthalates
  • CPSIA law, Section 103, requires that products primarily intended for children 12-years old and younger be labeled with a permanent marking, called a tracking label. Tracking labels would identify the location, date of product production, batch or other identifying characteristics in order to track a product back to its source in the event of a product recall.

One29 Promo and Safety Tests:

One29 Promo has a history of high product safety standards. All products in the One29 Promo line (specifically The Flighter) are manufactured in compliance with the following 2008 CPSIA requirements.

Test Items

  • Test Item Conclusion
  • Lead in paint/similar surface coating material Passsed
  • Lead in accessible substrate material Passed
  • Phthalates Passed

»Test reports for specific products are available upon request

One29 Promo’s Product Intent:

One29 Promo’s products are designed and intended for general use by consumers of all ages as advertising tools within the promotional products industry and are not primarily intended for children.

One29 Promo’s Products and Children:

One29 Promo realizes that our products (specifically The Flighter) may possess characteristics resembling children’s products and that some distributors sell One29 Promo’s products where the recipient may be a child. Because of this, One29 Promo has taken the following additional precautions:

  • One29 Promo works with our international vendors to develop a tracking label system for One29’s product line that meets the CPSIA requirement. One29 Promo began implementing this system for products manufactured after August 14, 2009 as specified in Section 103 in the CPSIA law.
  • One29 Promo will continue our order processes as normal with the exception of orders primarily intended for children.
  • To ensure that both One29 Promo and our distributor’s customers are compliant with the CPSIA law, One29 Promo will verify if the product is intended for children with distributors.
  • In addition, One29 Promo may contact our distributors with questions or concerns on orders where One29 believes that the artwork indicates that children will use the product.
  • For orders where One29 Promo’s products are distributed to children, One29 Promo will require that a tracking label be printed on the product. An additional fee of $0.05 for tracking labels will be charged on these orders.

If you have any questions regarding the safety compliance of our products please contact customer service at customerservice@one29promo.com or at 314-487-4557.